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About NLP

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is the most proven and systematic way to understand, how your subconscious is presently programed for current level of success.

NLP-Neuro- Linguistic Programming, is a study of human excellence and about how our mind responds in a highly organized and systematic manner while responding to different life situations. Study has revealed that we run ‘mental programs’ referred as ‘mental strategies’ in a perfect ordered sequence of instructions (or set of internal representations).

Becoming NLP Practitioner empowers you to specifically and objectively identify the physiological, mental-emotional state and mental strategies you use in different life situations, and provides specific means to change and improve them appropriately.

Thus, you have in your mind stored your personal recipes of success and failures, which can be understood and utilised; You can decisively choose the level of your success you want to attain.

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Certified NLP Training and Coaching

Design the Best Life

Live the way you want, achieve audacious goals, break habitual patterns, drop limitations, negotiate to win and communicate to persuade in all conditions. Stop living life on other’s terms.

Renew the sub-conscious

NLP practioner training changes programming, creates richness and wealthy mind–set. Builds courage to take up a profession of your choice or get paid for what you deserve. Make rewarding decisions that bring praise.

Increase personal efficiency

Get rid of procrastination. Push fears away, gain confidence, overcome hurdles. Win trust in relationship and become irresistibly jubilant.

What You Will Learn In 7 Days

BEST Life NLP Practitioner Course Structure

Day One

Introduction | Back ground of NLP | Introduction co-creators of NLP | Models & Study of excellence NLP | States of Learning | Conscious & Unconscious Mind |States of mind | Differentiating Gurus of Excellence & Masters | Hypno-Linguistic Patterns | Neurological facts, human consciousness and Whole Brain Development | State of Equipoise |Induction Principles | Locking Inner Smile

Day Two

Structure of Rapport | Synaesthesia of Resourcefulness | Calibration | Sensory Acuity |Strategy of Outstanding Leadership | Defying Experience: Taking Opportunity | Neurology& Accessing cues | Map of the Realty | Somatic Patterns | Visual Anchor | Hypnotic catalepsy || Sensory Representational Systems | Rapport Building with Conviction | Preferred &Lead Systems | Communication Models | Goals Well-formedness | Feedback-Outcome loop| T.O.T.E

Day Three

Pace & Lead | Linguistic Trilogy | Principles Of Quantum Jump | Introduction to EMDR |Power of Emotions | Voice Modulation & Impact | Positive Intention | 2 nd & 3 rd Perspective| Thinking Styles | Up the Ladder secrets | Anchoring Self | Anchoring Discreetly or Consciously | Bypass Resistance | Matching- Mirroring Cross Mirroring | Ideological Pacing | Building Motivation & Commitment

Day Four

Heart of Change | Original State of Bring | Creating Visual shift | Managing Internal Voices | Kinaesthetic Drops | Taking Responsibility | Strategy Elicitation | Utilisation &Excellence Installation | High Degree Calibration | Sourcing Excellence | Mapping Across| Like Dislike Snaps | Linguistics of Unconscious Mins | Modelling Discipline

Day Five

Inverse Meta Model Significance | Metaphoric Communication | Learning & Motivation strategy | Chaining Anchor | Quantum Jump to Excellence | Amplifying Resources |Spatial Anchors | Collapsing Conflicts | Fusion Anchors | Evolving Balance State of Mind| | Double Dis-association Phobia Release| Weaving Role Model of Excellence | Grace walk of Role Model

Day Six

Creating Ecstasy | Embedding Word Anchor | Modelling Zealous Swiftness –Compressing Time | Self-Starters Way | Collapsing Bad States | Swish Pattern Meta Model Insights | Rooting Out Past Influences | Changing Personal History | Context Re- frame | Content Re-frames | Connecting to True Inner Teacher | Creating Trouble Free Future |

Day Seven

Taking Onward Journey with Beliefs of Excellence | Integrating with Model of Human Behaviour and Communication | Designing 3 Years Legacy | Time Trance | Dreaming Room | Evolving Vision | Neuro-Patterning Excellence |Presentation Infographics | Certification Evaluations | Ceremonial Fun | Declarations

Improve Your Life In Vareity Of Ways

NLP & Managing Self

NLP gives you a technology and operating manual to understand your Perceiving, Thinking and Responding mechanism.

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NLP for Personal Achievement

Imprint your Neurology and Mind with new programs to multiply success factor using prestigious technology of soaring high in achievement NLP

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NLP for Health

We know you want exuberant health, and luckily the tools of NLP equip you with power to discontinue the unhealthy lifestyle patterns

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NLP in Corporate / Large Business Houses

Everyone understands business goes through ups and down, but a million-dollar question is what do you want to go up and where it must slow down.

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NLP for Leadership & Management

Leaders create visions and set direction, keep people highly charged up as well as excited. NLP is highly admired tool that make leaders strategic.

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NLP for Executives & Managers

Execution means getting things done!! Consistently improve the quality of results and being more effective in your performance.

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NLP for Sales

Persuasions when engineered deliver crystal clear results. This is central to ‘Sales’ and NLP tools of influencing the conscious and unconscious, inch the others brain to joyfully accept values

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NLP for Trainers & Consultants

The world-class trainers have admired high impact interventions of NLP. Anthony Robbins, Business and Personal Breakthrough coach is highest paid motivational Guru.

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NLP for Coaching

What was done by wisest Gurus in the era of Gurukul in India, have metamorphosed into Coaching. You are already a coach or aspiring to be a Life, Business or Personal Coach

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8 Days BEST Life NLP Master Practitioner

Advanced Language Pattern

Gain cutting edge in Advanced Language Pattern. You have a remarkable influencing ability in your communication to impact any one’s mind.

Installing Strategies

Have a new set of advance skills of eliciting, modeling and installing strategies for maximizing performance, gaining insight of others thinking processes. You X-ray and leverage others thought process to mold them into desired ethical output.

Human Thinking Process

Building higher order understanding of human thinking process, behavior, attitude and neurological array that generates unconscious response. Other want to willingly agree and fell happy with you.

Natural Modeler

Adopt, model and benefit from the excellence of people you appreciate. You become a natural modeler. Understand, acknowledge and respect people’s sense of reality and who they are. Your difference gets sorted and opinions welcome in all kind of situation.

Discover New Ways

To communicate through words or tonality, body language in different kinds of situation. You are a full potential communicator.

Knock Out Limiting Beliefs

Knock out deep rooted limiting beliefs and rather have unlimited possibilities emerging in life. You begin operating from potentialities rather than possibilities.

Change Behaviors

Change behaviors that hold you now to progress and grow. Every change for you is thrill and adventure.

Develop Propelling Vision

Develop propelling vision and compelling goals for yourself and achieve them in set timeline. Achieving any goal is your true nature, you are known as person of accomplishment.

Break habitual patterns

Break habitual patterns and shake unproductive thinking you are conversationally dismantling the structure of unproductive layers.

Using NLP You Can Also Be a Prestigious Coach

Alphastars BestLife NLP & ICF InnerMost Life Coach
Dual Certification

It has been studied that Life coaches are in uprising demand worldwide. In today’s world of hassled and fast modern living, people who care to keep progressing and desire to achieve the best, look to get a life coach. They are making handsome income and you too can plan 5,6 0r 7 figure income by selling 3,6,9 or 12 custom built proprietary InnerMost Shift Coaching packages.

People care to get coached from reliable, authentic and qualified coach, our InnerMost Shift Life Coaching will qualify you to get accreditation from ICF, International Coach Federation. We hold full immersion ACTP -Accredited Coach Training Program approved for 168 ACSTH with 10 hours ACC and 10 hours PCC level mentoring. You have choice to begin with ICF 84 ACSTH with us by taking up 8 days training program with us which also earn you NLP Practitioner Certificate signed by Dr. Richard Bandler, the co-creator of NLP.


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